Community Highlights: 11th version

The 11th version of the Home Assistant Community Highlights! Some attention-grabbing
issues popped up round our group, we thought was price sharing.

From now on we may even spotlight a cool blueprint that we encountered on the
Blueprint exchange. Do you wish to share one thing for the following version?
Information on how to share.


Blueprint of the week

Do you have an IP camera in Home Assistant instance and do you no longer want to miss
who is at the door? Then you could try the camera snapshot Blueprint from
vorion. You may point out to which
machine you wish to obtain a notification with a photograph.
Try it out!

Solar weather station in birdhouse

Spring is approaching, so it’s a good time to start building a birdhouse 🐦, so why not
immediately turn it into a weather station? With
the manual
from Martin, you can also make your personal climate (birdhouse) station that works with ESPHome.

Outdoor pathway light

Do you have a garden and do you want to create lighting along the paths? Maybe the
garden lighting tutorial from
KidA001 gives you some inspiration to
get started with this.

PoE powered stack light

Looking for a creative way to display the status of your Home Assistant instance?
For example: there is a new Core update, too much RAM is being used or your instance
is no longer online? Plenty of options to bind to each color segment.

So let yourself be inspired with the PoE stack light from Karl and start

Got a tip for the next edition?

Have you seen (or made) something awesome, interesting, unique, amazing,
inspirational, unusual or funny, using Home Assistant?

Click here to send us your Community Highlight suggestion.

Also, don’t neglect to share your creations with us through Social Media:

See you subsequent version!

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